Frankenmuth Convention and Visitors Bureau (Frankenmuth, MI)

Though Frankenmuth, Michigan is home to less than 5,000 people, the outpouring of volunteerism found in the professional staff of the Chamber of Commerce and Convention & Visitors Bureau is incredible.

Jamie Furbush (President/CEO of the CVB) says “As an organization, we encourage and welcome our whole team to volunteer as a way to give back. Volunteering helps sustain the wonderful, quality events with people that are passionate about creating an experience. We (the CVB) must be willing to give our time and have our employees do the same. It creates a culture.”



This idea of philanthropy stems through the community of Frankenmuth and is deeply supported through the town’s businesses and companies. With encouragement of their team to be active in community service clubs and committees, the Frankenmuth CVB has a presence of giving time and effort to local events.

“Without the people, all the great things in our community could not happen. Our role, as ‘events people’ requires a lot of work to be executed. We know that if we want to have the outcome, we must be willing to do the work.”

Frankenmuth CVB sets the bar high for the creation of an organizational philosophy lived out through the volunteering efforts of their employees. Michigan Cares for Tourism congratulates Frankenmuth CVB and the people who work and live with this passion!



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