FireKeepers Casino: The Fire Hub (Battle Creek, MI)


With constant growing societal needs, innovation remains an essential component to purposeful philanthropy. As a non-profit focused within the tourism industry, Michigan Cares for Tourism appreciates the amazing efforts of our partners and their resourceful and inventive ways to give back. FireKeepers Casino is taking part and playing a role in the improvement of community health and wellness, financial stability and food security…and to that we say GREAT JOB!

In the spring of 2017, FireKeepers Casino will open its very own restaurant: “The Fire Hub”, located at Fire Station #4 on the corner of Kendall Street and Dickman Road in Battle Creek. This will be a unique community investment which is part restaurant, part food pantry. “This initiative creates multiple different avenues for FireKeepers to improve lives and creates a new culinary option in downtown Battle Creek. We are really excited about this new endeavor and eagerly anticipate an early 2017 Grand Opening.” -Jen Ozolins (Head Chef of The Fire Hub)

The Fire Hub is a truly one-of-a-kind non-profit investment. Large gardens will grow food for free salad bars at local schools and a food pantry will give those in need a dignified grocery shopping experience. The main goal of this new endeavor? To give back to the community! The food pantry, gardens and profits will contribute to the people of Battle Creek. 80% of the restaurant’s profits and 50 cents from every restaurant check will support local charities, leaving 20% to be reinvested directly back into the property and the building upkeep. This project contributes to multiple aspects of Corporate Social Responsibility, one that hopefully inspires other businesses and organizations within the industry.

Learn more on their website:

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