Absopure Water Company (Plymouth, MI)

Absopure Water Company is a provider of quality, bottled natural spring water and refreshment services throughout the United States. Along with hydrating all Michigan Cares for Tourism volunteers, Absopure is involved with many other philanthropic community initiatives and environmental efforts.


Since the Flint, Michigan water crisis began, Absopure has partnered with a number of local organizations, including the Flint Food Bank, HealthPlus Crim Festival of Races, local grocery stores and the Jay Towers Water Drive, to donate more than 50,000 gallons of bottled water to residents in need throughout the city. Additionally, Absopure donates thousands of gallons of water to charitable events and races in Michigan, St. Louis and Chicago each year.

Aside from helping people, Absopure is also an industry leader in recycling plastic bottles.


Since 1988, recycling has been a fundamental part of the company’s mission and operations. Absopure started its own recycling company, Clean Tech Inc. in Dundee, Michigan, where more than 80 million pounds of plastic are processed annually. This has helped keep plastic waste out of landfills. The recycled plastic is used to make products like Absopure’s Eco-Pak bottles, made from recycled bottles with each bottle containing at least 10% recycled content.

We are pleased to be able to share the story of Absopure, a true champion in so many areas of giving back. Absopure betters not only their company itself, but the surrounding people and environment.

For more information about Absopure, visit www.absopure.com

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